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revision 1.214 by jmc, Sat Nov 6 19:03:41 2010 UTC revision 1.215 by jmc, Mon Dec 6 17:16:06 2010 UTC
# Line 2690  clean: Line 2690  clean:
2690  Clean:  Clean:
2691          @make clean          @make clean
2692          @make cleanlinks          @make cleanlinks
2693          -rm -f \$(SPECIAL_FILES) f90mkdepend.log          -rm -f \$(SPECIAL_FILES) f90mkdepend.log $MAKEFILE.old
2694          -rm -f taf_command taf_output taf_ad.log taf_ad_flow.log          -rm -f taf_command taf_output taf_ad.log taf_ad_flow.log
2695          -rm -f genmake_warnings genmake_errors make.log          -rm -f genmake_warnings genmake_errors make.log
# Line 2698  Clean: Line 2698  Clean:
2698  #         and output from a run (plus log files from testreport)  #         and output from a run (plus log files from testreport)
2699  CLEAN:  CLEAN:
2700          @make Clean          @make Clean
2701          -rm -f \$(EXECUTABLE) \$(EXE_AD) *.bak $MAKEFILE.old          -rm -f \$(EXECUTABLE) \$(EXE_AD) *.bak
2702          -rm -f $LOGFILE genmake_state genmake_*optfile genmake.tr_log make.tr_log          -rm -f $LOGFILE genmake_state genmake_*optfile genmake.tr_log make.tr_log
2703          -find \$(EXEDIR) -name "*.meta" -exec rm {} \;          -find \$(EXEDIR) -name "*.meta" -exec rm {} \;
2704          -find \$(EXEDIR) -name "*.data" -exec rm {} \;          -find \$(EXEDIR) -name "*.data" -exec rm {} \;

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