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Wed Dec 1 22:13:35 2004 UTC (16 years, 4 months ago) by edhill
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1 #
2 # $Header: /u/gcmpack/MITgcm/tools/example_scripts/README,v 1.1 2003/09/18 17:03:02 edhill Exp $
3 #
5 ===== What is this? =====
7 This directory is a collection of scripts and "crontab" entries mostly
8 intended for automated testing. These scripts are not intended for
9 casual users. If you have any questions about them or would like help
10 writing one for your system, please contact the folks at:
12 MITgcm-support <MITgcm-support@mitgcm.org>
14 The convention is to name the directories here after the machine (or
15 "system" or site) where the scripts are known (or were known at one
16 time) to run. Directories are used since each system may use multiple
17 different testing scripts.
20 ===== Why does it work this way? =====
22 We're sorry that testreport does not work 100% automatically on all
23 MPI systems. The problem is that the $MPIRUN or equivalent command is
24 different on almost every system. Even on a single system, there may
25 be a variety of different $MPIRUN executables and each one might take
26 slightly different arguments, etc. And these $MPIRUN issues are
27 further complicated by their (often *forced*) interactions with
28 whatever queueing system is in effect. Many systems (eg. UCAR/NCAR)
29 will not allow a user to run any MPI programs--even small
30 ones--outside of their queueing system. So the MPI programs *MUST* be
31 submitted through the queue.
33 And this means that you have to get all of the queue system details
34 right including (but not limited to!):
36 - $QRUN syntax (PBS vs LoadLeveler vs Condor vs ...)
37 - paths to /scratch disks for input and output
38 - shells and shell parameters
39 - "module" conventions (PATHs)
40 - etc-etc-etc...
42 Unfortunately, these details can vary wildly from one system to the
43 next and often require per-user customizations.
45 These example scripts are meant only as templates!

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